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Research & Development Tax Relief Scheme

Research and Development (R&D) tax-relief is a company tax relief for organisations that can either reduce your corporation tax bill or provide a cash reimbursement back into your business.

The schemes are hugely beneficial for all businesses and in the last 12 months we have successfully helped secure our clients in excess of £5,000,000 in tax returns across multiple industries such as Manufacturing, Software Development, Construction, Food & Drink and Engineering.

On average our clients are claiming between £50,000 – £80,000 per year and R&D Tax Services alongside our expert tax advisors support the claims throughout; from submission through to successful claim and beyond.

R&D Tax Services are specialists within the R&D schemes, Our senior consultants have over 10 years of experience; submitting successful claims and supporting all HMRC enquiries. We have a 100% success rate in both submissions and defended claims and our consultants liaise with the HMRC weekly with regards to the R&D scheme, ensuring we are at the forefront of the schemes as they evolve.

There are a number of areas of your business you can claim under the scheme. The majority of your claim begins with your staff costs, including NI and Pension contributions, Subcontractors or Third Party Contractors.

The key question is has your company taken a commercial risk with any development which is not routine?

Even if the advance in science or technology sought by a project is not achieved or not fully realised, R&D still takes place and the costs attached to the project can be claimed.

If a particular advance in science or technology has already been attempted but details are not readily available (for example, a trade secret), work to achieve such an advance can still be recognised as an advance in science or technology.

Use our free R&D Calculator to see how much you can claim today

Already claiming R&D Tax Relief? We offer a free, no-obligation review of any previous claim, including a guarantee to beat all like for like fee arrangements of your current providers.

Our consultants work with the HMRC on a daily basis, ensuring the utmost compliance to the schemes and support throughout the claim, from submission, successful claim and throughout the lifetime of your business.

Ensuring you receive the most beneficial claim as possible and the peace of mind that the claims are both compliant and supported on-going.

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