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Andy Kimber

Andy Kimber

Senior R&D Tax Consultant

Andy has worked in the R&D industry for 5 years now, having previously worked with MSC R&D and Lydbury R&D.  Prior to that, he worked as a programme manager for Cobham (aviation-related) and served in the RAF for 31 years.

Hobbies include trying to learn to play the piano, DIY and any sport that involves running, mostly football and squash.

More About Andy

Currently down to 1 cat but am aiming to get up to a full menagerie of rescue animals including dogs, rabbits, chickens and hedgehogs etc. We did see a water buffalo needing re-homing (that’s true!) but I haven’t built the pond yet so that will have to wait.

Ooh that’s a toughy.. Probably Chicker Run, Gladiator or Hot Fuzz