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R&D in Water and Sewage

Industry Spotlight

How might a water and sewage company benefit from R&D tax relief?​

A water and sewage company can leverage research and development (R&D) activities to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and effectiveness of their operations. R&D in the water and sewage industry involves exploring innovative technologies, processes, and solutions to ensure the reliable supply of clean water and effective wastewater management.
Some examples of projects and activities that could qualify for research and development tax relief include:

R&D efforts can focus on developing advanced water treatment technologies to enhance the purification process, improve water quality and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. 

This may include researching new filtration methods, membrane technologies or disinfection techniques to remove contaminants effectively.

R&D can be used to develop innovative wastewater treatment methods that minimize environmental impact and maximize the recovery of resources. 

This may involve exploring advanced treatment processes, such as membrane bioreactors or anaerobic digestion, to remove pollutants and recover valuable materials from wastewater.

R&D can drive the development of advanced monitoring systems and technologies to detect leaks, assess infrastructure conditions and optimize water distribution networks. 

This can help reduce water loss, improve system efficiency and enhance overall network performance.

R&D efforts can focus on developing water conservation strategies and technologies to promote sustainable water use. 

This may involve researching and implementing smart irrigation systems, water-efficient fixtures and innovative water management practices to reduce water consumption and preserve water resources.

R&D can explore the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar or hydroelectric power, into water and sewage treatment processes. 

This helps to reduce energy consumption, lower operational costs and promote environmental sustainability.

R&D can be used to develop innovative storm-water management techniques and infrastructure to effectively manage and mitigate the impact of heavy rainfall events. 

This may involve researching new drainage systems, green infrastructure solutions, and flood control measures.

R&D can focus on improving water quality monitoring and analytics capabilities. 

This includes developing advanced sensors, data collection methods, and predictive modelling to detect and respond to water quality issues in real-time, ensuring the delivery of safe and clean water to consumers.

Developing new packaging or labelling solutions to improve shelf life, reduce waste or enhance the consumer experience such as

  • Developing new canning or bottling processes
  • Exploring alternative packaging materials
  • Designing new labels or branding.

R&D can contribute to the advancement of desalination technologies and water reuse systems. 

This enables the conversion of seawater or brackish water into fresh water, as well as the safe reuse of treated wastewater for non-potable purposes such as irrigation or industrial processes.

R&D can help water and sewage companies adapt to the challenges posed by climate change, such as sea-level rise, increased frequency of extreme weather events and changing precipitation patterns.

This may involve developing resilient infrastructure, implementing water resource management strategies and assessing the impacts of climate change on water availability and quality.

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