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R&D in Oil

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How might a oil company benefit from R&D tax relief?

In this dynamic industry, oil companies constantly strive to enhance their operations, improve efficiency and address environmental challenges. One significant avenue for achieving these goals is through Research and Development (R&D) tax relief. By investing in R&D, oil companies can unlock valuable benefits that fuel their quest for innovation, sustainability and operational excellence.

Some examples of projects and activities that could qualify for research and development tax relief include:

Investing in R&D to improve refining and processing technologies, optimising the efficiency of oil refining operations, and reducing energy consumption and emissions.

Investing in research and development of renewable energy sources, such as biofuels, solar energy, and wind power, to diversify their energy portfolio and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Researching and implementing innovative techniques to maximise oil recovery from existing reservoirs, such as enhanced oil recoveries methods like waterflooding, carbon dioxide injection and chemical treatments.

Conducting research to reduce the environmental impact of oil extraction and refining processes, such as developing cleaner and more efficient technologies for emissions control and waste management.

Developing new methods and technologies for locating and extracting oil reserves efficiently, including advanced seismic imaging, drilling techniques and reservoir modelling.

Developing advanced safety protocols, technologies, and equipment to minimize the risk of accidents, oil spills, and other hazards associated with oil exploration, production, and transportation.

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